Rules of Competition

Match play during stroke play events. Players can play their match play game during a stroke play event (e.g. playing a President’s Cup match during a Bray/McCullough tournament), just make sure once a hole has been conceded you both putt out.

Match play games must be played on or before the cut-off date posted on the tournament sheets. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for both players unless the Captain has ascertained that one player has made every effort possible to play by the match deadline. If a player cannot make the match date, he is to cede the match to his opponent. Extensions to the match deadline will not be granted for any reason.

Any player playing the same course as any Men’s Division tournament course prior to the tournament will be disqualified from participating in the tournament. The only exception being if the tournament is a two round event. (e.g. playing the Stanley Thompson 18 in the morning, then playing it again in the afternoon during a Men’s Division tournament).

Gimmies are not permitted in any Men’s Division stroke play event. The player accepting a gimmie will be disqualified from the tournament.

Playing from different tees is not permitted unless the tournament format allows for it. (e.g. playing from the Black tees during an event that is being played from the White tees).
Handicaps are to be kept up to date. Any player failing to enter scores during the season will face disqualification from any tournament play.