Quick FYI

For Your Information (FYI)

Members are encouraged to use the online booking system available from the “Welcome” page of this site. If unable to book online please phone the pro-shop directly at 403-762-6801, let them know you are a member, and ask to book a tee time.

Any member failing to cancel any portion of a reserved tee-time more than 48 hours in advance of said tee-time shall be subject to a Cancellation Penalty of 60% of the unused tee-time, at the posted Canadian green fee rate.

Online sign up is available from the “Men’s” page. If unable to use the online sign up please phone 762-1700 by 6:00 PM Monday before the Wednesday you want to play and indicate if you wish to play early or late. Call back Tuesday, after noon, for the draw times. Consult the Men’s schedule for draw type and function.

Online sign up is available from the “Ladies” page. If unable to use the online sign up please phone 762-1744 by 10:00 pm the Sunday before the Tuesday you want to play. Please indicate whether you want to play 9 or 18 holes. Call back Monday, after noon, for the draw times. Consult the Ladies Schedule and Phone Instruction card for draw type and function location.


(Please access Juniors page)

Sign-up sheets will be posted in both locker rooms approximately one week before. There are three mixed events per year, (plus the Mr. & Mrs). Remember to check your schedule. Draw is usually available the night before with the starter or Pro Shop.

You will receive an ID card directly from the Hotel. This is for your use only and is not transferable. You must display the card to receive your 20% discount at the clubhouse or confection cart and 20% discount at any of the hotel operated restaurants. You may be requested to produce additional ID until the staff at the clubhouse get to know you. You will likely be asked for additional ID at other locations in the Hotel. No member is permitted to bring personal alcoholic beverages onto any area of the Banff Springs Golf Course. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Banff Springs Hotel outlet.

It is your responsibility as a Club member to be familiar with the by-laws of the Club. This is particularly important as it relates to payment of dues, signing for nomination of new members, requesting a leave of absence, and running for board positions. As the Rules of Golf form an integral part of the constitution, your familiarity with them is imperative.

Please feel free to contact any Board member with questions or concerns about the Club. If you have questions about a tournament or function, call the relative Captain. For other questions or concerns, any Board member will be able to help you or find someone who can. This is your Club and requires your participation.

The club will provide a personalized bag tag to new members. Please arrange to pick up your bag tag and RCGA rule book from your Captain.