Join the Banff Springs Golf Club

Resident Memberships:
Membership Application for adults
Junior Membership Application Form
Intermediate Membership Application Form

Non-Resident Memberships:
Annual Non-Resident Adult Membership Application Form
Annual Non-Resident Junior Membership Application Form

Submit application and deposit to:
Ken Riordon
Secretary Treasurer
Banff Springs Golf Club
Office is located at:
Canadian Rockies Public Schools Banff Offices
325 Squirrel St
Banff, AB, T1L 1A7

Member Rates 2016:
Adult (BNP Resident) $2,739.35
Adult (Non-BNP Resident) $2,989.35
Intermediate $1,434.20
Junior (Full Privileges) $746.50
Junior (Tunnel Privileges) $626.80
*Family – two adults + 50% junior fees / child + GST
Power Cart (Seasonal Optional) $388.50

*Families consist of two paying adults who are legally bound and residing at the same residence and their children.
Membership Invoices must be paid in full by April 1st each season.